Lama Jigme

Jigme Lama was born in Ngawa, Amdo (a region in the eastern part of Tibet). He entered the Thupten Chogyal Ling Monastery at a young age and studied reading, writing, grammar, and other foundational subjects from his uncle, Lama Kunga Sonam. From Kunga Tugjepa Lama, he received the teachings of "The 6 Branches of Union", a text from the Kalachakra and widely used in the Jonang lineage as a traditional preliminary (ngondro) practice. Kunga Tugjepa Lama, the vajra master of his monastery, was very famous in that area and became his root teacher.

At the age of 20 he accomplished the preliminaries along with many other monks. Following that, he entered a "Remba Sum" retreat for 49 days. At 25, he took the Getsul vows of a monk and at 29 he took the Gelong vows to become a fully ordained monk. He then went to India and met His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He also went on pilgrimage in India to visit holy sites.

At the age of 30, Jigme came to America and in 1993, he met Gyatrul Rinpoche at his center in Oregon, Tashi Choling. He lived and traveled with Rinpoche as his personal attendant until 2006. Jigme was a consistent, faithful helper to Rinpoche and assisted him in his many dharma activities. Jigme also worked with Mirror of Wisdom, Rinpoche's dharma publishing group, and copied many hundreds of pechas which have been distributed around the world and have filled numerous statues and stupas.

Jigme became a US citizen in 2000 and now lives at Orgyen Dorje Den. He is a great asset to our sangha; a stable and reliable monk and kind spiritual friend leading some of our pujas and patiently assisting students as we strive to learn the dharma.